A new venture



A warm welcome

All paths lead somewhere and this is the latest destination for yours truly. My old perch, the Star-Ledger and its affiliate, nj.com, are discontinuing regular garden coverage. I'm hoping that with this website, I'm creating a new place for us to meet.

Like a newly planted garden, Valerie's Garden Diary has yet to reach its full potential. Hopefully, you'll look at it with a gardener's eye, and see the groundwork I've laid and the vision I have for it. I promise if you visit often, you'll watch it grow into something special.

Above all, I hope to bring you along with me down the garden path. I intend to resume our old schedule, when the Ledger had a stand-alone Home & Garden section and my columns ran weekly on Thursdays.

I'll be linking to pieces I did for the Ledger before I left the staff at the end of 2008 and became a freelance contributor, and to past and current articles I've written (and will continue to write) for Inside Jersey, the Ledger's lifestyle magazine. But we're breaking new ground here and I'm hoping to attract new readers ("one is silver") as well as faithful fans ("the other is gold").

Welcome, friends. There's a reason why I think of y'all as my "dear readers."